Stargazing in New Mexico

Stargazing VLA New Mexico
Time elapse stargazing. Flickr/Peers

Many of our outdoor activities take us far from civilization, far from the hustle and bustle – and far from the light of the city. When you find yourself there, look upward into the night sky. The ambient light of civilization’s street lamps, cars and homes dilutes the starlight in our day-to-day lives, but many of the best adventure travel destinations are unaffected because of their distance from humanity.

Stargazing can be a mesmerizing complement to a long day of hiking. Whether you’re in love, with family, or alone in solitude, the clear sky on a temperate night is romance. Light from years ago travels incomprehensible distances to greet our tiny planet and even tinier selves, sprawled on a blankets or on the hood of a warm car. The truth is revealed: we’re infinitesimally small.

Stargazing in New Mexico
A shooting star through the trees. Flickr/Deal

The Milky Way can be best seen from most locations in the backcountry or far out on the plains – the more remote you are, the better the view. Humidity affects what’s visible as well, as does the altitude of your viewing spot. If you want the best stargazing experience of any particular celestial event, stay high and dry.

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