Amsterdam: Beyond the Bikes, Bud and Boobs

Visit the famous De Gooyer Windmill
When you say Amsterdam, many people think the same three things: bikes, bud, and boobs. These clichés define the city, and for thousands of tourists, but the Dutch capital is so much more than these three things. From inspiring art to a rich history, from a thriving food scene to unique architecture, Amsterdam lives on beyond the clichés.

A Safari Across Nevada’s Remote Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge is known for its pristine sagebrush-steppe ecosystem.View of the range looking south from Catnip Reservoir.
Located in the Northwestern corner of Nevada by the Oregon border, the park appears lunar and sterile, yet conceals many surprises.

Gang Tours of Panama: Gang Members Turned Tour Guides

These former gang members give tours of their old stomping grounds. "Before, tourists wouldn't be able to walk next to us. Now we show them our country."

Tepozteco: Pyramid Hike in Mexico

The view of Tepoztlan from the top of the mountain
Hiking to the pyramid Tepozteco in Mexico isn't easy, but it certainly has its rewards.

Bagging Peaks by Train in the Colorado Rockies

A couple finds adventure in the backcountry of Colorado, riding an 1890’s steam train to access pristine mountains near Durango.

Great Lakes Glide: Stand Up Paddling on Lake Huron

Lake Huron
Lake Huron may be far from the surf breaks of Hawaii, but that hasn’t stopped the freshwater surf renaissance that thrives here.

Antarctica: The Land That Wants You Dead

Ice covers the cliffs of Antarctica
Traveling to Antarctica isn't easy, but for these travelers on the Crystal Symphony, the experience was unforgettable.

What Travelers Are Missing in Nepal

Nepal offers more than just trekking
From spas to bungee jumping to elephant safaris, Nepal is rich with opportunities – but many travelers don’t know about them.

Learning Vacations: Why Not Learn a New Skill When You Travel?

Surfing is better than just sitting on the beach
Learning vacations have become popular for good reason – learning something new is a great adventure. Here are six different learning vacations.

Surfing in Cornwall: A Tropical Vibe in the North Atlantic

St. Ives's surf school on a summer Saturday morning at Porthmeor Beach, St. Ives, Cornwall
Surfing in Cornwall is full of surprises. The clear water might convince you that you are somewhere tropical, until you visit the medieval fortresses.

Iquitos, Peru: Your Colorful Entry to the Amazon

A hut standing above the water in Iquitos, Peru
A traveler to Iquitos, Peru, reflects that Iquitos may the most authentic Amazon city in Peru.

Following the Colorado Hot Springs Loop

Relax after a long day of adventuring in the Strawberry Hot Springs just outside of Steamboat Sprins
Thermal hot springs and exhilarating experiences are tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. A new 720-mile Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop combines them.

Monterrico, Guatemala: Surf, Sand, and Seafood

Fisherman on the black sands of Monterrico
Adventure and black sand beaches await in the little-known town of Monterrico

Crossing America by Bicycle: TransAmerica Trail

Transamerica trail touring bike
The TransAmerica Trail runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific, allowing travelers to see America in one of the most direct ways possible – bicycle touring.

Pochomil, Nicaragua: The Pacific Coast’s Hidden Treasure

Walking along the coast in Pochomil, Nicaragua. Flickr/Sven Hansen
Pochomil, Nicaragua is a hidden gem for travelers. This small beach town offers great food and quiet beaches -- all for affordable prices.